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Burn Pit Exposure

In recent years, many veterans have been diagnosed with certain illnesses and health issues that may be a result of burn pit exposure. Burn pits were a common method of waste disposal at military sites in Afghanistan and Iraq in which waste was burned. Depending on the exposure time and what was being burned, there have been serious health consequences related to the toxic fumes emitted from burn pit exposure.

Check this list of burn pit locations to see if you could have been exposed.

Burn Pit Expose in Ardmore, OK

After-Effects of Burn Pit Exposure

Exposure to burn pits have been linked to:

● Prostate cancer
● Type II diabetes
● Peripheral neuropathy
● Ischemic heart disease
● CLL and B-cell leukemia
● Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
● Lung and respiratory cancers
● Hodgkin’s and Parkinson’s disease
● Skin disease and multiple myeloma

If you are a veteran who was exposed to burn pits and suffer from any of these (or other) illnesses, we can help. Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers will find a legal correlation between the fumes from burn pits and any health ailments you may have developed as a result. Trust Polly Murphy PC’s 30+ years of experience to get you the benefits you deserve.

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